Quick Slow
Most traffic accidents happen during October and November and they are often due to speeding. To raise awareness on these accidents, Quick changed its name to ‘Slow’. The tall logo poles outside the Quick restaurants can be seen from afar, creating the ideal medium to raise more awareness on traffic speed.

Belgians drive too fast. Speed figures are increasing every year and 25% of traffic accidents are due to speeding. In addition and regarding road safety, the most dangerous months are traditionally October and November: 1/5 of all traffic accidents happen then. That is why Quick has now temporarily changed its name to ‘Slow’.
Quick Wilrijk and Quick Herstal are both restaurants situated on very busy roads, where many accidents happen. We chose their strategic and symbolical locations to change the tall logo posts outside the restaurants from Quick to ‘Slow’. The posts can be seen from afar and are the ideal medium to create more awareness on traffic speed. Also online, Quick has changed to ‘Slow’: on the website, the Instagram account, the Facebook account, etc.